Tetaring Restaurant

In the Balinese dialect, the term ‘Tetaring’ refers to a temporary roof structure made from bamboo and woven palm fronds erected within the home of temple compound during the lead up to an important ceremony. The local community gathers under the tetaring as a form of shade to prepare the numerous offerings that will be required for the ritual.


The design of Tetaring Restaurant borrows from the social connotations its Balinese definition to provide a stunning contemporary styled dining environment with plenty of visual appeals. Combining indigenous material such as glass and bamboo, the restaurant has traditional intent with a modern twist. With a seating capacity for 32 guests, Tetaring by day is bathed in natural sunlight and comes to life after dark with subtle placements of glowing fixtures. Exposing the elements of open style Balinese living, the dining room set-up is completed by frosted glass tables and chic designer chairs that massage and caress the body.


Our Menu

Appetites are satisfied at Tetaring for lunch and dinner with an exceptional menu of authentic Indonesian cuisine. There a number of signature dishes to choose from including Balinese Chicken Salad that comes tossed in a refreshing lemongrass sauce. Another favorite is Oxtail Soup, a traditional Indonesian black beef soup served with crackers and condiments. Ikan Bakar Tetaring is an exotic main dish of Tetaring style grilled- barbecued fish served with lemongrass sauce,sautéed water spinach and steamed white rice. This local specialty of grilled-barbecued fish is regarded as one of the classic Indonesian dishes A sweet treat is a perfect conclusion to any meal, especially one that unveils so many new taste sensations. The dessert menu at Tetaring is a selection of classic home-made favorites that are sold from market stalls across the Indonesian archipelago. Pisang epe Makassar authentic cuisine of grilled banana, grated cheese served with palm sugar sauce.


Opening Hour

Open for all-day dining, afternoon tea, and cocktails, Tetaring Restaurant at Kayumanis is set to add a touch of spice to the dining options that already exist within the exclusive Nusa Dua enclave. Reservations for dinner are recommended.