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Intimate Wedding at Kayumanis Nusadua

Kayumanis is a sanctuary of unparalleled beauty, meticulously crafted to create a haven for intimate weddings. It's where the moments leading up to your special day become cherished memories, all without the complexities of airport transfers and concerns over privacy.

Within our tranquil haven, time slows down, allowing you to bask in the warmth of family and the embrace of loved ones. Our dedicated team, well-versed in the art of meticulous planning, takes care of every fine detail, ensuring that your wedding day unfolds as a luminous tapestry of unforgettable moments.

Kayumanis was born from a vision of a private and contemporary retreat, where every facet of your experience is an ode to exclusivity. Here, personalized service isn't just a promise; it's a way of life.

For a bespoke wedding celebration tailored to your dreams, please reach out to our Wedding Division at weddings@kayumanis.com. We eagerly await the opportunity to bring your vision to life and create an extraordinary day you will treasure forever

Wedding Blessing

Within our enchanting resort, four exquisite locations await to host your Balinese or Western-style blessing ceremony, each with its unique charm. From the elegant Kayumanis Lounge to the serene Green Patio, and not to forget our private beach, where the waves themselves whisper promises of love, every setting is a canvas for your commitment

Cocktail Reception

Picture an enchanting tropical cocktail soirée, where every detail weaves together a tapestry of indulgence. A symphony of flavors unfolds with an array of delectable finger foods carefully curated by Tetaring's culinary artisans, perfectly complemented by Tetaring's signature cocktails that dance on your taste buds.

The ambiance is nothing short of magical, with a mesmerizing display of flickering candles casting a warm glow and fragrant blooms embracing the pool's edge, creating an ethereal atmosphere that feels like a dream.

Adding to the allure, a talented traditional Balinese "Rindik" musician graces the occasion with soul-stirring melodies, weaving a harmonious tapestry of sound that blends seamlessly with the gentle rustle of palm leaves. As the sun dips below the horizon, the enchantment of this evening lingers in the hearts of all who partake in this sensory symphony

Dinner Party

Venue options, each adorned with a unique floral theme, and a contemporary twist that can embrace Asian, Western, or Italian influences.

Our commitment to perfection extends to every detail, from the meticulously designed tablescapes to the captivating ambiance that will enchant your guests. The result is a seamless blend of tradition and modernity, creating a timeless backdrop for your celebration.

Indulge in culinary excellence as our Executive Chef unveils a range of meticulously crafted menus, each designed to tantalize your palate. Whether you opt for a curated wedding set menu or the vibrant flavors of a BBQ buffet, every course is presented with impeccable timing, allowing for heartfelt toasts and memorable speeches that will resonate in the hearts of your loved ones.

To enhance the dining experience, a carefully curated selection of red and white wines will flow gracefully throughout the evening, elevating your celebration to a symphony of flavors that perfectly complements the joyous occasion. It's a feast for the senses, a culinary journey, and a testament to your love story that will be savored and cherished for years to come.

Wedding Package by Kayumanis