Kayumanis Spa Nusa Dua

At Kayumanis Spa Nusa Dua, we invite you to embark on a journey of personal renewal that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Our carefully curated menu of body and beauty rituals is primarily based on Indonesia’s age-old healing heritage. We take a holistic approach to wellness with an all-encompassing selection of treatments to nurture the body, mind and spirit.

Feel your tension melt away with a Balinese massage or give your skin a new lease of life with a traditional herb-infused body scrub or natural facial. We use a combination of fresh ingredients, pure essential oils and botanically derived lotions for nourishing results. All of our therapists are gifted with the intuitive power of touch. Treatments can be performed in our spa facility or in the comfort of your own private villa.


Kayumanis Spa

Kayumanis Spa is all about self-awareness and taking the time to heed the calling that beckons from within us all. We are making a conscious effort to bring back the health and beauty traditions of a bygone era. We present a meticulously crafted menu featuring a compilation of rituals to rebalance the effects of a modern lifestyle. Our menu celebrates Asia’s rich healing culture and is infused with contemporary wellness practices.

Signature treatments have been created to reflect the distinct character of each Kayumanis Spa in Bali. We also offer exclusive gender orientated treatments that pay special attention to neglected areas of the male and female anatomy.


New Treatment: Beer Beauty Bliss

Known as one of the world’s oldest prepared beverages, beer has long been used as a beauty product to regenerate skin and make hair shine. Made from barley, beer contains a number of vitamins and minerals such as iron, zinc, and magnesium. Consumed in moderation, it also has certain health benefits as well as antioxidant properties. Now, this favorite brew is the base of an exclusive new treatment at Kayumanis Spa that will nourish your skin and induce deep relaxation.

Beer Beauty Bliss involves a soothing foot bath to refresh tired toes and then a beer hair treatment will restore your locks and leave them looking glossy. Enjoy a full body massage combining long strokes and applications of pressure to melt away any traces of muscular stress and tension. Finally, a lavish soak in a beer-infused bath will bring this replenishing treatment to a close along with a newfound appreciation for the benefits of beer. A healthy cuisine will be served in our restaurant at the conclusion of the treatment


Signature: Ocean Ritual

This rejuvenating ritual draws inspiration from the precious bounty of the sea to reduce cellulite and banish tiredness. First, the feet are gently scrub with a mixture of pure white sand and sea breeze oil and rinsed in flower infused water. Take pleasure in a relaxing or energy massage followed by a seaweed body scrub that works wonders on all skin types. The ritual comes to an end with a leisurely soak in a rose petal bath infused with patchouli essential oil to clear the mind.

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