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Piasan Restaurant

The restaurant had a mesmerizing atmosphere, with silence and a beautiful, magical ambience all around to set the mood. Our food is carefully crafted to bring out the best Italian flavors and spices, ensuring that every bite is an unforgettable one. We serve up a different experience of fine dining with a beautiful yet delicious taste by using only the finest quality products, with a blend of tropical flavors in our food element.


The menu at Piasan delves into the roots of Italy’s culinary traditions where fresh produce and seasonal delicacies are essential to eating well. Every dish is prepared with integrity for a full-flavoured experience that pleases the palate. This is honest food at its very best.


Signature Dish

Experience our signature steak, Bistecca di Angus Nero alla Griglia con Portobello. Char-grilled black angus steak is served with risotto, Portobello mushrooms, vegetables, and a delicious red wine sauce. With every bite, experience the juicy and tender steak alongside the unique flavors of the Portobello mushroom and red wine sauce.

Opening Hours

Piasan's Opening Hours : 
Lunch starts at 11:00 AM and until 05:00 PM
last order at 04:30 PM

Dinner starts at 06:00 PM and until 11:00 PM 
last order at 10:30 PM